Current teaching

Currently I teach the following modules at the University of Nottingham:

Communicating Philosophy (3rd yr UG): This module considers areas and modes of communication that go beyond the standard academic essay, and looks at how to communicate philosophy effectively in them. We first learn a couple of new philosophical topics (in 22/23: transformative experience and games and gameification), and then students work on communicating those topics through short projects such as teaching plans, legal briefings, posters, funding applications and short stories.

Intermediate Logic (2nd yr UG): This module helps students to build the skills to rigorously understand several systems of formal logic (Truth-Functional Logic, First-Order Logic, and Modal Logic), and to develop the confidence to begin considering the philosophical significance of logic through examining the opportunities and challenges of building alternative systems.

Teaching experience

Below is a top-level summary of areas in which I have led teaching:

  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Logic (Formal & Philosophical)
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy Outside Academia

Below is a more detailed list of modules I have taught, arranged by level:

Modules led/co-led:

  • Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics (Level 7) [MA conversion course]
  • Philosophy of Language (Level 6)
  • Communicating Philosophy (Level 6)
  • Intermediate Logic (Level 5)
  • Metaphysics (Level 5)
  • Topics in Analytic Philosophy (Level 5)
  • Mind, Knowledge, and Reality (Level 4)
  • Logic and Philosophy (Level 5)
  • Reasoning, Argument and Logic (Level 4)
  • Philosophy of Film and Literature (Level 4)
  • Logic (Level 4)

Modules TAed:

  • Introduction to Philosophy: Metaphysics (Level 7)
  • Introduction to Philosophy: Epistemology (Level 7)
  • Biologistic Conceptions of Evil (Level 6)
  • Philosophy of Art (Level 6)
  • Philosophy of Science (Level 6)
  • The Philosophy of Kant (Level 6)
  • Epistemology and Metaphysics (Levels 4 & 5, inc. Foundation)
  • History of Philosophy (Levels 4 & 5, inc. Foundation)